League Rules

  1. Be On Time. A 10 Minute Grace Period Per Game Will Be Granted Before A Forfeit Will Be Decided. A Total Of 30 Minutes Will Be Granted Before All Three Games Are Forfeited. Official Time Is The Ref's Watch Or League Coordinator's Watch.

  2. Take Only 5 Minutes To Warm Up. If More Time Is Needed, Please Come Early Or Warm Up On The Side. Remember Not Only The Other Team Is Waiting On You, But Also The Next Two Teams Are Waiting For The Court.

  3. If You No Show, You Will Be Given One Warning, The Next Time You Will Forfeit The League And All Fees. We Will Get A Replacement Team.

  4. Each Match Will Consist Of : Quads And Sixes - Each Game Will Rally Score To 25.  Doubles- Each Game Is Rally To 21.

  5. Youth Leagues -All Grades Will Be Three Games Rally To 25.

  6. Spring And Summer Leagues Will Have A Tournament After The Last Game Of The Session. All Teams Will Play In The Tournament Unless They State Otherwise. If Time Permits We Will Have A Tournament In The Fall, Otherwise Bonus Games.

  7. Please Plan To Have A Full Team. We Encourage Alternates. We Do Not Like Having Forfeits. It Is Very Frustrating For Everyone. Players May Not Play On Two Teams In The Same League On Tournament Night. Remember If You Play In Two Different Leagues On The Same Night, You Must Have Enough Players To Cover All Games. Games Will Not Be Held Up Waiting For Players.

  8. Captains Are Responsible For Collecting All League Fees And Paying Them By The First Game Of The Session. A $25 Late Fee Will Be Added For Any Teams Who Have Not Paid By The Second Week Of Play.

General Rules of Play

  • Setting: A Hand Set Must Be Contracted And Released Simultaneously With Both Hands. If Set Is Double Contacted Or Any Holding Occurs, The Set Is Illegal. Heavy Forward Or Backward Spin And Any Side Spin Is A Sign That A Setting Foul Has Occurred. (Judgement Called By Official) The Serve May Never Be Hand Set. The First, Second And Third Ball May Be Set Over The Net As Long As It Is A Clean Set. You Do Not Have To Be Squared To The Net.

  • Serve: Net/Let Serves Are Legal For All Ages. The Serve Must Be Received With An Underhand Bump, An Overhand Bump, Or A Sand Dig. If The Serve Is Received With A Sand Dig, Hands Must Be Clasped. You Cannot Receive A Serve Open Handed, Hands Must Be Together. The Serve Must Be Served In The Sand. Grass And Concrete Areas Are Not Servable Areas.

  • Attack Or Block: You Cannot Block A Ball On The Opponent's Side Of The Net, Unless The Opponents Have Either Already Completed 3 Contacts Or Are Trying To Take The Ball Over. You Can Never Spike The Ball On The Opponent's Side Of The Net; You May However Contact The Ball Above The Plane Of The Net Or On Your Side Of The Net And Follow Through To Your Opponents Side Of The Net. The Block Does Not Count As A Team Contact. You Get Three Hits After The Block. Players Participating In A Block Shall Have The Right To Make The Next Contact, Such Contact Counting As The First Of Three Hits. A Back Line Player May Not Cross Over The Front Line To Spike The Ball Or Block The Ball. Blocking Is Not Permitted On The Serve.

  • Double Hit: You May Only Double Hit A Hard-Driven Ball As Long As It Is One Attempt At Playing The Ball. (The Serve Is Never Considered A Hard Driven Ball). So Double Hits Passes Are Illegal. This Only Pertains To The First Contact On Each Side. The Ball May Not Be Held, Lifted, Pushed, Caught, Carried, Or Thrown.

  • Dinks: Open Hand Dinks Will Not Be Allowed. For Tight Balls To The Net, Use A Closed Fist Or Finger Tips Only. Open Placement Or Redirecting The Ball Is Prohibited.You Must Attack The Ball.

  • Center Line: A Player May Cross-Center While Playing The Ball As Long As It Doesn't Interfere With The Opponent. Interferences Are Not Necessarily Determined By Contact. You Cannot Touch The Net With Any Part Of Your Body. Hair In The Net Is Not A Violation.

  • Boundaries: Playing Area Is Pole To Pole. A Player May Not Enter Another Court To Play A Ball. Momentum Into Another Court After Hitting A Ball Is Also Not Permitted. A Ball That Touches Poles Is Considered To Be Out Of Bounds. Court Markings Will Be The Responsibility Of The Players To Assure That Lines Are In Their Proper Location.

  • Coed Quads: There Cannot Be More Than 2 Males On The Court At Any Given Time. Players May Play Any Position But Must Rotate The Serve.

  • Sixes: For Coed Teams There Must Be A Minimum Of Two Females On The Court At All Times. There May Be Up To Three Males On The Court At A Time. A Minimum Of Four Players Is Needed To Start A Game. Players Must Be Separated Male, Female To The Best Of Their Ability. Players Must Rotate After Each Side Out. A Substitution May Only Be Made When The Ball Is Dead.

  • Team Time Out: Only One Time Out Per Game - 1 Minute. You Must Return To The Court Immediately After The Ref Notifies You The Time Out Is Complete. Failure To Return In A Timely Manner May Result In Loss Of Points (Ref’s Discretion).

  • Body Parts: The Ball May Be Played Off Any Body Part- Reflex Only/ No Intentional Kicks. The Ball May Be Played Off Your Foot As A Defensive Move, But You Cannot Swing Your Leg To Play The Ball

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct And Captain's Responsibility: All Unruly Players Will Be Handled As Follows:

    1. First Offense - Verbal Warning

    2. Second Offense- Point Or Sideout To Be Awarded.

    3. Third Offense- Expulsion From The Match And Premises

Any Further Outbursts From The Same Player Or Team Will Result In Permanent Removal From The Facility. Captains Only May Discuss Rule's Interpretations With The Official. Protests Will Be Made After The Match In Writing To The Manager On Duty. A $50.00 Fee Must Accompany Written Protest. If The Protest Is Sustained, The Fee Will Be Refunded. If The Protest Is Overruled, The Fee Is Non Refundable. A Ruling Will Be Made Within 24 Hours.

  • Rainout: Be Prepared, We Will Play Through Some Rain. Please Call 831-4252 After 5:15Pm Or Check Website For Closings Or Delays. Rainouts Will Be Scheduled By CSVC.