Adult Leagues Summer Session 6/11-8/12

8 matches plus Tournament night in a session
Each match is 3 sets, rally point to 25.

Volleyball League Fees:
6 Person    $360
4 Person    $240
2 Person    $120

If you intend to play with fewer players, the cost is $60 per person and you must specify the number of players when registering.  Only the number of players paid for will be allowed on the court at all times.
*League fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full prior to first game.
A $10 late fee will be charged to each player who hasn't paid by the second week.

Offered nightly, Sunday through Friday
*High school and college students can also play in adult leagues

B Division
- Very Competitive
- Tight set calls, under 2 forward rotations and NO sideways rotation 
- Controlled passing
- Almost always attempt 3 hits

C Division
- Competitive Recreational
- Looser set calls, under 3 forward rotations
- Attempts controlled passing
- Attempts multiple hits
D Division
- Purely Recreational
- Loosest set calls, good as long as the ball isn't thrown
- 3 hits are not common in a volley
- Great league for new work teams, church teams, and other groups that have never played before

When registering, please indicate which night and level of play. Let us know of anything to consider, specific dates to workaround, coordinating teams, etc.  Schedules will be FINAL week 2 of play.  We will try to accommodate ONLY those requests which have been specified in advance.

Coed Quads
Every Night, Sunday thru Friday
Coed Sixes
Every Night, Sunday thru Friday
Men's Quads
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Women's Quads
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Women's Sixes
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
 A $60.00 deposit is required to hold your registration

Don't have a team but would like to play?  Or Do you have a team looking for a player or sub? 

Send us your information and we will match teams and players.


General Info

Game Times: 6:20, 7:20, 8:20 and 9:20 (10:20 games as needed)

 Teams will play 3 games/night for 1 match - double headers are possible

All captains will be notified of their first game time by phone or email and are responsible for notifying their players.

All schedules are final the second week of play. 

Any special requests must be made in advance.

You may sign up in more than 1 league on the same night, but games will be separated by 1 hour; we will not hold up games waiting for players.

For rain out information please check our Website, Facebook or Instagram.

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